Friday, December 6, 2013

Change it or accept it..... it really is that easy!

I have a knack for simplifying things. I prefer life to be simple but in today's world, people seem to like to make everything difficult. Everything can really boil down to two things; change or acceptance. If you have a challenge, you can either change it or accept it; it really is that simple.

What exactly can you change? YOU! You are the only solution to all of your problems! You can change your attitude, behavior, feelings, and your beliefs. No, you can't change your boss and make him nicer. You can't change your parents and make they less judgmental. You can only change you, and how you feel about all of those people and circumstances. You just have to decide if you need to change or accept what is.

If you decide to make some changes for yourself, here are a few tips:
- Be specific about what you want to change.
- Create a plan with a timeline that is not open ended.
- Be accountable for only your own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. What other people do, say, think, or feel is none of your business.... even if they do, say, think, or feel it about you!
- Surround yourself with supportive people, friends, or family that will support your changes.
- Hire a coach to keep you on track, hold you accountable, and encourage you.

Now, for the acceptance. If you absolutely cannot change something, then make peace and accept it. You don't have to like it, love it, or agree with it, but if you don't accept it, your own feelings will make you miserable. Let's say, for example, your husband decides to cut down your favorite fruit tree while you are at work. While this may be upsetting, the tree is gone and cannot come back. Feel free to express your feelings about it but then you must accept it and make peace with what is. Choosing to remain upset for years about things out of your control will merely make your unhappy.

So, you can either change yourself or make peace with what is. Either way, you can handle it! We are solely responsible for our own happiness, for the changes we make, and for what we accept. Make some decisions about whether to accept or change things and Live Inspired Now!

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