Friday, December 20, 2013

THIS person influences YOU the most!

Who is the MOST influential person in your life.... YOU are! Yes, you are! Despite the endless amounts of awesome people we have in our lives, it is always YOU that makes the decision to be influenced by another. YOU can choose to admire and emulate people who are making risky or questionable choices or, you can choose to model yourself on the admirable and upstanding individuals that are in your world.

For that reason, it is YOU that is the most influential person in your world. Isn't that reason enough to treat yourself better? Isn't that a great reason to stop the negative self talk? If you make the biggest impact on yourself, shouldn't you be healthy, happy, and advocating for yourself? The gift of positive words, love, and kindness that you give to yourself impacts everyone else as well. Let your self worth be a loving example of inspiration to others! Empower yourself with the highest level of love, respect, kindness, happiness, and peace and Live Inspired Now!

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