Sunday, September 30, 2012


Love has no conditions attached. You either make the decision to love someone or you don't. Do not attach conditions in which you would stop loving the other person, if you do, it's not a full and complete dedication to one another. With that said, when you are in the dating process and looking for a life partner, beware of "buts, if only and I can deal with it."

If you are saying any of these types of phrases, I want you to run in the other direction:

"He is really sweet and he loves me but I wish he would stop looking at other women."
"She's not always like that... you just met her on a bad day, next time will be better."
"He will stop drinking when we get married."
"I know he doesn't mean all the things he says, he can't help it, he had a bad childhood."
"She only does drugs on the weekend, she still works and takes care of her kids, she is fully functional most of the time."
"He is almost perfect, if only he would get a job and take care of himself better."
"He can't leave his wife right now, it's bad timing, but he will." 

Gosh, I could go on with these forever! It never ceases to amaze me the things people will tolerate in another person until they are together and then they complain about that very thing. Set a standard for what is acceptable to you and stick to it. That is not being "picky," that is having enough self esteem to know what you want and finding someone who will treat you the way you deserve. Remember, WE teach people how to treat us, WE show people what we will tolerate and WE set our own standards for what is acceptable in our lives. Choose carefully!

So today, if you are in a questionable relationship, get out, raise your standards, NEVER settle for abuse, find a love without conditions and Live Inspired Now!

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  1. So true Heather! Make more of those statements. I think when you read the one the one that is your situation you really see how silly you've been. Really good post!