Monday, September 3, 2012

Comfort vs Happiness

I often hear people remark "this or that would make me happy" but will it really make you happy or will it provide comfort? Things do not make us happy, shopping does not make us happy, food does not make us happy, even people do not make us happy. These things do provide comfort though. I catch myself saying it sometimes too. The other day I said "A chocolate brownie would make me so happy." I quickly retorted with "No, it will not make me happy, I am already happy, but it will provide some comfort right now to my sweet tooth!"
We all know how powerful words are and people talk themselves into believing that they need things to make them happy because they are using the wrong words. Using the right words can help us remember that we ARE happy but as humans we also love to enjoy comforts. So today, use the proper words, don't give happiness credit to things that are just providing comfort, choose happiness and Live Inspired Now!

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