Sunday, September 9, 2012

Accountability to whom???

Who are you accountable to? Do you hold your accountability to yourself or to others in higher regard? For me personally, I care more about what I have promised for others. For example, yesterday I went to the Dirty Girl Mud Run again with several friends. I have done it before but none of them had so I felt a personal responsibility to help everyone else make it through the course. It was pouring rain, then hailing before we even started the run! We were soaked and freezing cold and still had this 5K to run with muddy obstacles! Again, I had already done this before so in my head I was ready to dry off, pack up and go home to relax but I knew my friends had not had the experience yet so I said "we got this girls, let's go, we are here... what is a little rain when we are such awesome women!" Then we got on the shuttle and went to the run and we all completed it with the other 8000+ women there!
So for me, if I know that other people are counting on me, or I can be a good example, I will not let them down. Who are you accountable to and would you do better in things if you made yourself accountable to other people? Today, think about how you can be accountable to motivate yourself or to inspire others and Live Inspired Now!

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