Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You will NEVER guess where these crayons ended up!!!

A very funny event from my childhood happened when I was about 3 years old. My father, being in the Army, was stationed in Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. My mom had always wanted to take a train trip, so she decided that while my dad was on duty one weekend, her and I would take a train to visit relatives in Rhode Island. My mom was a little leery of traveling alone, but nonetheless, we made the trip.... What could go wrong?

Mom came prepared to entertain a 3 year old in the early 70's with coloring books and a big box of new crayons. After the long ride was underway, mom dozed off. She must have slept for a while because the next thing she new, we were at our stop to switch trains. Mom woke up and looked over at me and with tears in my eyes I stated "I want my crayons!" Confused as to where the crayons could have disappeared to, my mom said "Heather, where are your crayons?"

At that moment, I just pointed to the seat in front of us and that is when my mom discovered in complete horror where my crayons had gone! While she was sleeping, the man in the seat in front of us had also been sleeping. And while this poor unsuspecting man slept, I had pushed all of my crayons into his giant afro that stood above the back of his seat! In the 70's the afro's were sometimes really large so he must not have even felt it! My mom says she didn't know what to do so she quietly whispered to me "I will buy you new crayons" and hurried off the train!

My mom still laughs when she tells this story almost 40 years later! I am sure it must have been pretty funny and I hope the man with the afro wasn't too upset by the crayons! You just never know what funny things kids are going to do!

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! Love your family, count your blessings, and Live Inspired Now!

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