Thursday, November 7, 2013


OMG ya'll!! I am so freakin' excited!! My book is currently being printed! I am offering pre-sales to my readers, starting today. Every single pre-order (from this site only) will be autographed no matter how many copies you buy! So be sure to let me know who you would like me to sign the book to in your order. The books will be shipping around December 1st.

I am so grateful to all of you: friends, family, readers, and loyal fans! Your encouragement has been instrumental in keeping me motivated through the "not as glamorous as I imagined it to be" publishing process. I am beyond touched by the love and support you have offered me.

I hope you enjoy the book. Each chapter contains: an overview of how to achieve happiness in different aspects of life, a life lesson with my personal stories, and quick tips for easy reference on the chapter topic. You might be surprised by some of the stories! Each chapter gives a deeply personal story to allow you to get an idea of how my beliefs and understandings of the world developed. From funny stories about a "dildo" to my "darkest moments of despair," I don't hold anything back! If you have always wondered how a person who has been married 4 times could become an incredibly successful relationship coach, now you get to find out! You will laugh, cry, and learn how to be happy!

Here is what some readers have already said:

"Live Inspired Now; A Field Guide For Happiness is an easy to read, fun filled yet touching journey to inspiration and the realization that happiness is right there waiting for every single one of us!" 
-Betsy Chasse; Tipping Sacred Cows and What The Bleep Do We Know?!

"Heather's perspective is absolutely refreshing. She reminds us what is really important and how easy it is to be happy. She reminds us that it is always our CHOICE and that we are more powerful than we realize or give ourselves credit for. I laughed and cried while reading her truly heartfelt, honest and sometimes vulnerable stories. Don't waste time, read it and start Living Inspired NOW!"
Peg Haust-Arliss, LCSW-R

Thank you again so much! I am deeply grateful and I look forward to hearing what YOU think of Live Inspired Now; A Field Guide For Happiness!

Much Love, Inspiration, and Gratitude,

Heather Paris

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