Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Blogger: Meer Fennema

Money Reflections:
As you see the world around you as a Meer-or, all external situations are a reflection of your inner self. By changing yourself, you will change the world around you. For a lot of my clients right now, a shortage of money is a major roadblock. What’s the mirror of a money shortage? The most common reflection is a lack of self-worth. But there are more reflections. Because of the recession, a collective reflection right now is fear of shortages, fear of not having enough. If you really believe that in your core being, that’s what you radiate and will come back to you.

An antidote for fear is gratitude and asking the Universe what you really want. Every day in my meditation I express my gratitude for everything and everyone in my life and ask the Universe to help me with the goals I want to manifest. I also use incantations (affirmations said while moving and really feeling it) while I power walk to change the limiting beliefs I used to have about money. A short one which I repeat every day is: the truth is money is energy and it flows to me. Another reflection is grounding. If you are not grounded well enough, your company can’t have a strong foundation either and it’s more difficult to earn money. Sounds logical, right? Since I know this, I do a lot of grounding exercises like dancing, stamp your feet on the floor, ask Mother Earth to ground me even more and meditate with Boji stones.

How you really have to keep on asking to get a clear reflection, shows the story of one of my clients. She told me that she had a shortage of $900 dollars a year. She works in the department of eye specialists in a hospital. A job in which she is really good at and which she loves. A clarifying thing was that she told me that she felt that she was short sighted. She wanted to have more money in her life and really find her life mission, but … did not want to step out of her comfort zone. For her the external situation reflected her life purpose of ‘looking further’, practically meaning to look for a better paid job at a hospital further away. Other clients I coached had limiting beliefs like: money is dirty or rich people are unethical. It’s good to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs about money. Are they limiting or are they serving you? What you radiate, will come back to you.

Meer Fennema (Dutch, 1967)
Your Inner Voice Coach, International Speaker and Author

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