Monday, April 23, 2012

Free yourself from emotional pain......

What do you lock up in a safe? Things of value or importance... jewelry, money, important documents etc.  When you put painful memories in a safe, it does the same thing... makes them valuable or important. If you are trying to get past something painful, the worst thing you could do would be to lock it away in a safe spot in your soul so you don't have to "deal with it." This gives the event or memory a very large amount of importance and significance and is guaranteed to continue to hurt you because of the high value you are unconsciously placing on it. If you want to get over something painful, talk about it, write about it, tell you story and get it out. Take away the memories power by not holding on to it like something sacred. Allow yourself to be free from the pain associated with the event or memory to the point where it becomes your history and you can tell the story without shame, fear, pain, grief or whatever you might have assigned to it. Not only will you feel free, but you might give someone else the courage to free themselves from their painful story too! So today, clear out the safe, free yourself from past hurts and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Neuro Linguistic Programmers (NLP), Hypnotherapists and Strategic Interventionists like me are awesome professionals that can help you get through challenges like this. I highly recommend finding someone if you need help to free yourself from past hurts.

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  1. I LOVE your picture that is attached with this post and would love to use it for an instagram post I want to make for my youth group. Could you let me know where you found it or if you created this could I get your permission to use? Thanks.

    Robb Gossen