Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Money has no value...

Money has no value except what you can trade it for and you are trading it for feelings not things. What emotions are you trading your money for and is it worth it? Many people say they want to buy a home but what they might really be buying is the feelings of security or significance or even feelings of love and connection. It is important to know what you REALLY want... nobody truly wants money, they want security for their family, or adventures and excitement, or they want to feel important and accomplished, or freedom to spend more time with their spouse. Align yourself with what you truly want so you are not asking for the wrong thing, don't wish for more money, wish for the actual feelings you want once you have the money. So today, think of money as a tool to achieve what you want and Live Inspired Now!

PS: I highly recommend the book; The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde. It is a very quick and easy read that teaches a better perspective on money!

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