Monday, April 30, 2012

Beat the kids....

Beat the kids... at this FUN game! :) The other day Thad and I found this game while out shopping, we couldn't wait to play with the kids. This weekend 3 of our kids had friends over so we had a house full and we all played this game. It was so much fun! Thad and I thought it would go by really quickly and we would end up playing several times but it lasted a good hour or so and we all had a blast! We did beat the kids, but they gave us a real run for our money! The questions are not super difficult but not super easy either, the game was educational but really fun too. Our house was full of laughing and hollering and debating and it was awesome! (Side note: this would be an awesome game for home-schoolers!) So today, check out this game, challenge the kids and Live Inspired Now!

PS: We bought this game at one of those high end toy stores but I did see it on too!

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