Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trust who you hire...

Yesterday I was at the gymnastics studio with my kids and while I watched and waited for them another parent was complaining about the instructor. He was complaining that they were still using the trampoline after only 10 minutes... I think he expected his 3 year old (on her first day in gymnastics) to start doing back flips immediately. I laughed a little to myself and thought about how we should trust the experts we hire! We pay good money to hire instructors for our kids, plumbers for our pipes, repairmen for our appliances; why would we question every move they make. If you hire an expert, allow them to do their job... otherwise you should just do it yourself. Nobody likes to be micro managed and in fact, people LOVE it when you show them you have respect for their abilities, knowledge or aptitude! So today, if you have done your research and found an expert, allow them to do their job and Live Inspired Now!

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