Wednesday, February 27, 2013

YOUR beliefs?

If you are going to be so dedicated to your beliefs, at least make sure they are your own! So many people actually carry the beliefs of their parents or their peers and don't even realize they are not what they truly believe. It takes courage to challenge your own beliefs but the reward is great. You get to finally develop your own tastes, opinions, and convictions, but best of all.... you are finally free to be YOU! Our opinions form based on our life experiences or they are taught to us by others. For example: You might grow up with a fear of dogs because your dad hated dogs. He hated dogs because he was attacked as a child but you hate dogs because you learned it from your father. This is just one example but it is true for so many things. If you hate or judge a group of people or think you don't like something, or feel things are wrong.... think about whether it's YOUR opinion or not. Is this something you just blindly believe or is it something to be challenged? Challenge your beliefs that don't serve you or your fellow man then come up with more empowering beliefs for you and your family and Live Inspired Now!

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