Friday, February 8, 2013

LIVE, don't just exist...

I feel a little overwhelmed this morning. It is just 9:00am now and so far I have dealt with death, disease, suicide, abuse, bad parenting and a struggling relationship. I am so grateful for what I do, I am beyond grateful that I am able to offer help and guidance to those in need. The part that overwhelms me though... is the idea that there is so much suffering and such easy solutions that people do not seek out. I am grateful for my clients and friends but I worry about the people who don't know that they can change their lives, that they can enjoy passion and feel free and alive. Too many people are just existing and not really living. They get caught up in drama and suffering and forget what it feels like to really be alive; to feel the wind on your face, the sun in your eyes, the excitement of love, the pounding of your heart, the anticipation of things to come, the joy in remembering fondly, the cuteness of animals, the hope that he likes you back.... all the amazing feelings and emotions that let us know we are alive! Don't numb out, don't forget to love life, don't be afraid to ask for help if you have and don't be afraid to remind someone else. We only get one chance, take it, make the most of this life and Live INSPIRED Now!

PS: Clients, friends and callers from last nights teleconference, THANK YOU all so much for your positive feedback and testimonials. I am so grateful to you all and honored that you allow me to be part of your world! :)

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