Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't forget to CELEBRATE!!

Too many awesome things happen each and every day that go un-celebrated. We should spend much more time in a happy and joyous state of celebration. No matter what day it is, if you woke up you have something to celebrate. Yesterday, a friend of mine shared the good news that after months of testing and worrying, she has no cancer to worry about! Yay!!! I told her to go and celebrate and she said she would after she rested because she had not slept well in weeks. I am so grateful that she can stop worrying now but I thought about it: what good did any of that worry do? Worry will never make the problem go away but it could make you sick. Life presents challenges that can be so hard to deal with but as long as life continues to present those challenges, it means we are ALIVE! Don't lose the precious time you are afraid to lose by worrying about losing it. That was confusing. lol. The point my dear readers... CELEBRATE being alive! Never miss a week, a day a moment of joy that comes when you are truly grateful for life and love. Make time to celebrate today, you will never be this young again.... Live Inspired Now!

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