Friday, February 22, 2013

Fill your cracks with gold....

It has been said that when the Japanese repair something that has been broken, they fix it with gold because they believe the cracks are historical and beautiful. This is true with people too. When you make a mistake or do something you regret, fill yourself up with something better. Wallowing in guilt, sadness, or drama won't make the situation better than it was. Fill yourself up with positive actions toward repairing what you broke. Maybe that means apologizing, getting help, taking drastic steps to ensure you won't make the same mistake, or sometimes it just takes time and patience. Be proactive and take positive steps: hire a coach, read self help books, learn new behaviors and become self actualized. We all make mistakes but it's the choices we make after the mistake that determine the full extent of the damage. Will you prolong the suffering and create lots of drama around it or will you fill your cracks with gold? 
Today, take out the tools needed to fill your cracks with gold and turn your mistakes into lessons that will make you stronger and wiser and Live Inspired Now!

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