Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remember to celebrate!

Two years ago today, Thad and I got engaged. It was the most magical moment of my entire life. He proposed in the planetarium under the stars and we were married 4 months later. The wedding is over but the celebration should never end! Make time to celebrate your love and life together every day... even for a moment. Create and honor anniversaries! Thad and I celebrate: the day we met, our first date, the day we got engaged, our wedding day, and every day in between! Who says you only have to have one anniversary? Also remember; anniversaries are not excuses for gifts rather they are reminders to celebrate and be grateful. Always make time to celebrate the joy, passion, and love that you share and you will never have to worry about not sharing it anymore.
So today, celebrate an anniversary or even make up an anniversary... but celebrate! Recall fond memories together, spend time being close, honor your relationship and Live Inspired Now!

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