Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Confidence is SEXY!

I cannot say it enough, confidence is the sexiest most powerful thing you could ever put on! If you have trouble mustering up confidence, here is a tip. Think about a moment in life when you were really confident, when you knew your stuff, or you looked amazing and knew it, or you did a job really well and felt great about it. Whatever the memory is, relive it as vividly as you can in your mind, picture that moment sewn into a coat that you can put on and relive the memory over and over. Then each day, or especially in moments when you need extra confidence, picture putting on that coat of confidence that makes you SHINE! Use that coat whenever you feel nervous or challenged, or in moments when you want to make a good impression. Confidence is sexy as hell too so don't be surprised at the attention you will get when you wear your confidence! So today, wear your confidence and Live Inspired Now!

"We are made from the same stuff as the stars above; they shine, so should we!"

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  1. NOTE: the post says COAT; not sweater vest...Your confidence will not be nearly as sexy if you sew it into a sweater vest.... :-)

  2. lol. NOT that I would.... but I bet I could rock a sweater vest! ;)