Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Find an opportunity to help someone.

Last year I was driving around the parking lot at a shopping plaza when I noticed a person in a wheelchair at the bottom of an icy hill trying to wheel himself up. It was winter, snow on the ground, the hill had been cleared of snow but was still quite icy and the man was struggling. I pulled over near the hill and got out of my car to help the man. I announced myself as I walked up behind him so as not to startle him. He just shouted, "I'm OK, I can do it." As I got closer I saw the man had only one leg and I then realized just how icy the hill was; his wheels were spinning but he was not moving and the hill was very steep. I just said, "Please sir, let me help!" I took the back of his chair, leaned forward and pushed him up the icy hill. I asked him if he was OK from there and he indicated that he was just going across the street now and he thanked me for getting him up the hill. I left him feeling good that I had helped.
So today, find an opportunity to help someone. These opportunities for kindness, compassion and generosity are everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes and heart open. If you see someone who looks confused, ask if you can help them. If you see someone struggling to reach something in the store, help them. If you see an elderly person trying to make her way somewhere, lend a hand. Take helping opportunities as you see them and Live Inspired Now!

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