Saturday, February 11, 2012

Find value for what you do.....

We all do amazing things, but we often under value our contributions. Sometimes we do this because what we do does not produce an income, or because it goes largely unnoticed. Find another way besides financial to measure value. Maybe you get an incredible feeling from what you do, that is valuable! Maybe you have seen someone turn their life around because of something you said or did, that is a huge reward. Or maybe, you saved a child from making bad choices and your reward is watching their success. I know I do some free coaching and the reward I get is feeling great, knowing I am making a contribution to the world and I get positive feedback which is my favorite. Not everything of value has a monetary value. So today, think about what you do and what it is worth and how you get paid for it. Think about the rewards and consider them valuable and Live Inspired Now