Friday, February 3, 2012


Think about the words you use every day. Do you say things like "I am depressed, I am fat, or I am incapable?" If you do... STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! We all FEEL down in the dumps, or bloated or unsuccessful from time to time but recognize that as a feeling not as an identity! If you feel sad, say "I feel sad" instead of "I am sad." You are NOT sad, you are an amazing human capable of so much who is feeling sad in the moment. Allow yourself to feel the normal emotions that humans feel without classifying yourself. Feel the negative emotion, acknowledge it and then move forward from it.
Words are extremely powerful, they effect your beliefs about yourself which effect your brain and central nervous system. If you anchor negative words and beliefs into your central nervous system, it becomes extremely difficult to un-learn them! So today, identify yourself as something powerful and positive, allow yourself to only FEEL negative emotions then move away from them and Live Inspired Now!

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