Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Put things in perspective...

Today I was working with a young person who was reading the book "Holes." In the book, the main character Stanley mentioned that life digging holes was so bad that they would sometimes prod a small rattlesnake to bite them so they could get a couple of days in their tent to recover. It made me think... if sometimes a rattlesnake bite is a GOOD thing, we need to think about everything with some perspective. Often we see an EVENT as good or bad, we don't realize that it is OUR definition of events that cause them to be good or bad. One person might make $50,000 a year at their new job and be disappointed by the pay while another person will get paid $10,000 per year and feel rich and grateful. Take a moment to put things into perspective before assigning a meaning to them. Think about the bigger picture, a global picture and see if your meaning and reaction to an event or situation is appropriate or not. Think about how other people might see it, pretend to be an observer rather than a participant which will help you see other perspectives. Think about it today... is there a situation where you might welcome a rattlesnake bite, or be happy to get fired from a job, or perhaps being grateful to lose a relationship? Put things into perspective today and Live Inspired Now!

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