Sunday, February 12, 2012

Balance anger with poise....

Anger happens sometimes. You cannot avoid it. You can however make wiser choices when you are angry and find a healthier way to express it. We all experience anger, but next time try to maintain poise and grace through the hard emotion. If you get angry with someone, do not call them names or try and hurt them. Hurtful words expressed in anger are like daggers and can remain with a person for a very long time. For example; if you are angry with a spouse for something they said, say just that... "I feel hurt by what you said." Rather than saying "Your a jerk, I hate you." Nobody can argue your own feelings with you but they can argue name calling. And honestly, name calling, flame-o-grams, back stabbing and other anger derived actions are just not very classy. It is fine to get angry, but think about how you are really feeling, don't make the situation worse, respond with dignity and Live Inspired Now.

PS... "He who angers you, controls you!" Never give away your self control to someone who isn't yourself.

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  1. Awesome post Heather- Thank you for sharing!! I have also found that responding with class and dignity will always reap better results than lashing out verbally. Love your choice of verbiage on this.

    This is a great quote. Can't believe I've never read it before. Any idea who it's credited to??