Monday, October 11, 2010

Leaf Peeping!

What could be more romantic than walking through a park with your sweetie and looking at the beautiful colors that mother nature blesses us with in the Fall? Today, take a drive or a walk and check out the Fall foliage, the colors are phenomenal! I personally love the sound of the leaves crunching under foot. Sip some cider or cocoa and walk hand in hand with someone special and hear the leaves crunching, imagine the pumpkin pie and enjoy the beautiful Autumn show!


  1. One of my most favorite times of year! Driving to and from the race on Saturday was beautiful but running through it all on the trails in Danby on Sunday was truly inspirational!

  2. I bet it was amazing! Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year too... the leaves, the colors, the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon and tofurky (lol), the corn mazes and tractor rides, apple picking for homemade apple sauce and apple butter. Yummm!!! I can imagine running through the trails and hearing the leaves crunching must have been really awesome! :-)