Monday, October 18, 2010

Visit an old friend....

Last night I went to visit a friend that I had not talked to in a while. She is in the hospital after surgery and she called me up last night and said "come see me tonight" so I said "I'm on my way." I dropped everything and I went to the hospital for a "brief" visit, I arrived just before 9:00pm and ended up staying til nearly 4:00am the next morning! We talked and talked and talked for hours, got completely caught up on all the new events in our lives and it was fun! ( I thought for sure there were structured visitors hours, but the nurses said we were fine and let me stay... they even offered to make up the next bed for me! lol )
Sometimes you lose touch, or choose to lose touch, or we just get so busy... but it is nice to go back once and a while and visit an old friend! You never know what might be new in their lives or how much they really appreciate hearing from you. Relationships are the foundation for An Inspired Life.

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  1. Good for you. I'm glad you went. It was not just the right thing to do, bit the right thing for you. I believe you needed that.