Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sing in the car!!

Fake microphone! lol. Hey... we have all done it! Don't try to deny it. My kids and I sing into pens, water bottles, whatever we can find in the car. Try it... its FUN; and make sure the music is loud and don't even think about putting your fake microphone down when someone drives by! That is half the fun!
An Inspired Life is easy... just realize that life is about peace and happiness, being ourselves and being free, having fun and sharing adventures and always finding the joy and hope in life! So pick up your "air microphone" and crank up the tunes and live An Inspired Life!


  1. I always sing in the car but I've never tried it with an air mic...I love to sing regular conversations or make up new lyrics for existing songs!

  2. omg... i totally do that too! lol. harry is the best though... he has a complete song repertoire of made up lyrics! lol.