Monday, September 16, 2013

Death is Inevitable; Living is Optional....

Death is inevitable, but living is optional! It's true.... everybody dies, but not everybody lives. Many people just exist, or observe life rather than engaging in it. People sit idly by "waiting for the right time" or "wishing for things to be different" instead of doing, trying, or changing their own circumstances. How many times in your life have you said.... "someday I will get to try that," or "I wish I had time to do something like that."

What are you waiting for? The only difference between you and the people living their dreams are the priorities that you have set. The most passionate people I know are out there trying things and taking risks. Most of them prioritize the things they want. If you want a passionate, loving, exceptional relationship, turn off the soap operas, take a relationship workshop, and make it happen! If you want a better job, stop complaining about the one you have, spruce up the resume, and fill out the application! If you want to take a vacation, don't talk badly about your friend who takes vacations all the time, put in for vacation time and make it happen! If you want to write a book, stop wishing for more time, get off of Facebook, and start writing.

Everything is well within our reach but all too often people want to blame others or circumstances for what they don't have. Guess what, if you want it, prioritize it! You are living the life that YOU created! Don't like it? Change it! Only YOU have the power to go out and live with passion, live with purpose and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Need a cheering section to inspire you? Contact me TODAY... not tomorrow... TODAY!

PPS: This is post number 800!!! I am off to celebrate! Thank YOU for helping me make my blog a success!! -Heather :)

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