Friday, September 6, 2013

6 Steps to Create an AWESOME life!

So many people have fallen into the habit of mediocrity and forgotten that life exists beyond the television. They have forgotten to take part rather than just observe. People sit around eating junk food and watching other people live amazing lives on television and never pursue awesomeness for themselves. People create these unhealthy, sedentary, passionless daily routines without ever even realizing they are bad habits that need to be broken.

Staying positive, living inspired, and being happy are all healthy habits that anyone can achieve! People often ask how I stay so positive and happy, especially in a world so full of tragedy. I always say the same thing.... "yes, the world has bad things, but it also has amazing things that happen every single moment, and those are the things I choose to focus on!" I have not always been this way, but I decided long ago to start creating habits that were healthier and happier than what I had been doing.
 Many years ago, I lived on nothing but diet soda and junk food, had fallen into the routine of watching other peoples lives on TV, I gained weight, was always tired, and my own marriage (with my "EX") had fallen apart. I wanted more and decided to make it happen for myself! Now my life is happy, healthy, full of adventure and passion, and Thad and I have created a fairytale relationship!

Life does not provide magic wands, it is up to each one of us to create magic on our own! Here are some tips to do just that.

1 Determine what you want your life to look like. Actually write it out too! Write down all the things you want, the way you want to look, the job you want to have, the relationships you want to keep or get rid of, the way you want to feel, the adventures you want to take, and the things you want to provide for yourself or your family. Don't leave anything out.... it is more likely to become real if you write it down. This gives your brain something tangible to hold yourself accountable to. Keep this in a prominent place so you see it daily.

2 Figure out what needs to stop. It is highly likely that you have picked up some bad habits that need to stop; make yourself very aware of them. A life of excellence is not spent on the couch for hours and hours each day watching television. Do you need to throw the TV out of a window? Maybe you need to get rid of all junk food in your house? Need to quit smoking, drinking, gossiping, or obsessing on medical conditions? Or maybe you need to stop calling the "EX" who treated you badly? Write the list of things that have to GO! Ask close family or friends what they think might need to go from your life if you think you are too entrenched to even recognize your own bad habits.

3 Make a plan. Create a real plan with actual steps; don't settle for something vague. For example, don't just say "I will lose some weight." Make a real plan instead such as: 1. Throw out all junk food 2. Purchase all the healthy food you need 3. Put together convenient healthy snacks to grab when in a hurry 4. Create something else to do instead of eating. Some examples are: call a friend, focus on work, meet new people, etc... Be sure that your plan is in a prominent place for your to see. Habits are created by doing them daily, consistency is key!

4 Set yourself up for success. This is important to making your new habits stick! There are many ways to set yourself up to be successful. Surround yourself with others who have healthy habits. Limit (if not abolish) all contact with negative, unhappy, or unhealthy people. Post reminders everywhere (I like brightly colored post it notes) that will trigger the new healthier habits. Recite mantras... "Clear and consistent focus and action will get me to my goal!" or "I am healthy, happy, and a source of good in this world!" Put healthy and positive things into your mind every single day: self help books, uplifting poetry, fun or inspiring music, talks, or anything that promotes the healthy habits you are trying to attain.

5 Don't focus or obsess about set backs. We all have slips, don't let it completely drag you down. If you have a day that you forget your mantras, or you let yourself wallow in self pity, recognize it as quickly as you can and then get back on the wagon! We all have bad days, don't turn it into a bad week, month, year, or life. Allow yourself to be human and move on!

6 Forget the mediocrity of old and focus on the amazing new life! Once you realize how freakin' awesome life is, don't sit and focus on how much you missed out on. Focus on your amazing new life, your positive new attitude, and all the good you will do as a result. Don't forget to focus on what you can give back too. Giving and helping others is one of the best ways to keep you on track with your healthy new habits and lifestyle.

Stop living a mediocre existence, watching other people do great things and wishing your life were different. Take action, create healthy habits that lead to a passion filled life that will have others looking at YOU and saying.... "Wow! Her life is amazing!" Excellence is nothing more than healthy habits, create excellence for your life and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Feel free to contact me if you need support... life and relationship coaching are a great tool to help you get where you want to be in life! I look forward to hearing from you!

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