Tuesday, September 17, 2013

25 Ways To De-Stress:

A few quick ways to de-stress:

Live in the present moment...Focus on today, not yesterday
Listen to relaxing music
Drink healthy, aromatic teas; chamomile, green, mint, lemon, etc
Eat healthy food; raw, greens, veggies, healthy supplements, and plenty of water
Laugh; watch funny movies, go to a comedy show, or recall funny memories
Try something new; even if it's just a new route home, change your routine
Exercise; start with a walk and see where it leads, move your body
Get enough sleep; 6-8 hours is usually sufficient
Focus on positive thoughts; distract yourself if you start to think negatively
Surround yourself with positive people
Take a hot bath and relax
Light candles and create a relaxing setting
Help others; volunteer, mentor or encourage
Journal your thoughts, feelings, and ideas
Take deep breaths
Make peace with difficult tasks and get them over with
Acknowledge and accept your feelings as valid
Play with a pet
Have physical contact; hugs, hold hands, or snuggle, etc
Focus on doing one thing at a time; skip the multitasking
Hold a baby
Use positive, uplifting self talk
Read something uplifting daily; www.liveinspirednow.com

MAKE time to de-stress! Rushing through life will only prevent you from enjoying it. Take time for yourself, stop trying to be everything for everyone. Stress leads to disease and unhappiness so de-stress for your sanity and your health and Live Inspired Now!

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