Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Which type are YOU?

There are 3 types of relationships, which category do you fit in?

Dependent: I need someone, I can't be alone, I need someone to take care of me, love me, provide for me or support me. I think about MY needs and how to get other people to meet them. Symptoms: fighting, feelings of not being taken care of, attention/drama seeking.

Independent: I don't need anyone! I can do it all alone, I refuse help, I meet my own needs, I never ask for help. Symptoms: loneliness, feeling single instead of in a relationship, survivor mentality.

Interdependent: Win/Win. We meet each others needs and always strive to put our partner first. We are secure and make loving agreements with each other. Symptoms: Happy fulfilling relationships that last!

Today, think about which relationship you are in and if you are happy with that. Change is a part of life and there is nothing wrong with changing things up if you are not happy. Evaluate your relationship and discuss any changes that need to be made and Live Inspired Now!

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  1. I live the interdependent relationship style. It has always worked for me. Even in moments that I was sheltered away in my research, I never stopped reaching out to those who are interconnected with me. Life is a give and take. Lessons are to be learned. People are wired to be happy but we need to realize it takes work, humbleness, resilience, and a good head over our shoulders. No one is completely happy otherwise we would not strive to achieve different things. It only takes minutes of your day to do the things that make you whole again and again. Friendship, the bond we have with one another, oneself, a significant one is the most important bond you will ever make in your life. Live for today and strive tomorrow. And yesterday was a step toward your goals. Recode the way you look at things, and at life in general. You can choose to be happy or to be in limbo. What's it going to be? Well, that is what I thought!



  2. Well said!! Relationships are what makes life so beautiful!