Saturday, January 21, 2012

Integrity vs. Personality

This is such a relevant topic in today's world. Personality is so often mistaken for integrity. Just because a person is friendly or charming or has charisma, does not mean they are living with integrity. It is important to value integrity over personality. I personally know someone who is typically grumpy and not very easy to talk to however, I know that person is extremely reliable and would give the shirt off of his back for anyone at any time! I value integrity so much, people with integrity will always be honest and respectful. A person who's best quality is personality will talk badly about you behind your back and will look out for their own best interests.... no matter how fun they might be. So today, think about someone you might have discounted because they don't have an outgoing personality, are they someone you should value more? Where do YOU stand in this? Are you living with integrity? You CAN have both integrity and personality, so today think about how to improve both areas and Live Inspired Now!

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