Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspire Moore

Inspire Moore is a winery located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Moore, co-owner of the winery with his wife Diane. I loved the name, the bottles and the message so I thought it would be nice to speak with them and share some of their inspiration.
The winery was a mutual dream of both husband and wife and on 7/7/2007 they opened their doors as a family winery with their 5 children. Tim credits the name "Inspired Moore" to his creative wife Diane whom he describes as a talented writer. The family business focuses on sustainability by using eco-friendly bottles and growing practices, recycling and composting.
They feature Inspired wines such as Inspired Moore: Love, Gratitude, Peace, Joy, Radiance, Harmony and Grace. The beautiful labels are screen printed directly onto the glass and they all have an inspirational quote. The Inspire Moore Love bottle reads "Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love" by Rumi.
The passion is evident in Tim's voice as he describes his family dream that has become a reality, stating proudly that he "fell in love with the Finger Lakes" after several work related visits.
Inspired Moore is a wonderful example of Inspired Living! So today, check out the winery in person or online and Live Inspired Now!
Inspired Moore Winery

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