Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is it time to have words with friends???

OK, so last year I was addicted to Angry Birds for a little while but this year is all about "Words with Friends!" This game is so cool because you can play from your cell against friends all over the world! I currently have 4 different games going with friends all over the country! It is just like scrabble only easier because the app calculates the points for you and will reject "made up" words! ( I am guilty of making up words. lol ) You get a notification when the other player makes his move and the game can go on for days! I love this app! So today, play Words with Friends and Live Inspired Now!
PS... Mom, I know you have no idea what an App is or how to play a game on your phone, so today, just engage in a game of scrabble with a friend! Love ya! :)

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