Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scream, complain, cry, bitch and moan about something....

That's right folks... sometimes you just have to discharge those negative feelings that you have. We all get them and part of living An Inspired Life is to get them out and NOT live with them. Discharging negative feelings is very freeing and will make you feel so much better, like a load has been lifted off your shoulders! Even optimistic people like myself have feelings of anger, disappointment and sadness but the key is to let them out when you feel them and move forward to the joy, happiness and love that we as people truly are. Holding on to negativity is unhealthy and can manifest as physical problems too such as high blood pressure, anxiety and even cancer. So let yourself go.... tell your significant other to JUST LISTEN to you and let it all out... scream and shout, cry and complain and Live An Inspired Life!!!

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