Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Chicks!

We raised chickens from day old chicks when we lived in RI and we are ready to start again! Today I am going to my local farm store to order my chicks! I am getting 24 and splitting them with a teacher at the school where I work. We are also going to keep the chicks at the school in a classroom so the students can get involved.... well just until they have feathers and can live outside. ( I am allergic to the chickens, so having them in the house until feathered is a challenge. ) Raising chickens is an amazing experience for young and old, you will LOVE it! You do not have to live on a farm to own chickens, you can be a "backyard farmer" and just raise a few. They are very easy to care for and you get wonderful eggs in return!
So today, do some research, find out everything you need to know.... order your chickens and Live An Inspired Life!

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