Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homeschool those kids......

The schools will not teach your children manners, etiquette, morals, entrepreneurship, religion, sociology and many other things that are vitally important to life. Kids need to be schooled at home in these subjects! It is up to us parents to provide the knowledge that kids will need to make it in the "real world." They can learn academics at school, but do not let the school kids teach them their manners or how to be appropriate in public. I can assure you what they learn from the other kids will most likely not serve them well in life.
In my home, we use a dry erase board in the kitchen and each day a new topic or quote or something to start the at home lesson. We also have a homework club after school, we all sit around the table together and do homework. The teens help the younger kids and I am there cooking dinner so I can help and teach them about our daily at home lesson. It is great... the kids usually find ways to joke about the daily lesson and we all laugh about it and it makes the learning fun!
So today when the kids get home from regular school, sit at the table and teach them some real life skills that will be so valuable to them and teach them to Live An Inspired Life!

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