Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't broadcast negativity

Oh my gosh... beware, a little rant is coming: So today's post is about putting negative and shocking posts or pictures on facebook. There is nothing I dislike more than scanning my home page on facebook and seeing something that is shocking or gruesome. I do not want to see pictures of abused animals, dead babies, death announcements or physically abused children. I also do not want to hear status updates that tell me that you hate your life, your husband is a moron, your lover is a cheater, or that you feel like crap yet again! Those messages are only used to get attention and it promotes drama and disharmony.
Facebook and other public venues are a great way to connect, do business, have fun with friends and more but putting negativity out there reflects badly on you and tends to repel others. So today, vow to end the facebook drama, put on a positive attitude and find something uplifting to post and Live An Inspired Life!

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