Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frequently Unleash Nonsense....

It takes no extra time at all to enjoy what you are doing so have some FUN! Frequently Unleashing Nonsense means have FUN wherever you are. The other night I went to Walmart with my boyfriend and we had a blast! We had to go and get some shopping done but we made the visit a blast by playing shopping cart basketball (one person throws items, the other person catches them in the cart) or by riding the shopping cart, or by chatting with other shoppers! We actually had a store employee cracking up because our laughter was contagious, we had a deaf shopper cheering for us with arms in the air when we would "sink a shot into the basket" and the cashier stated he was jealous of our "love."
So whether you are at Walmart or at school picking up the kids, or at work, no matter where you are, have some FUN... it wont cost you a thing and it wont take any extra time. Find a way to unleash some nonsense and live An Inspired Life!!!

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