Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you using the internet as a crutch?

The internet is quite possibly the coolest thing to ever happen. Unfortunately, it often can be misused; the internet becomes a "crutch!" I have noticed a trend with people who are spending most of their time online... they think it's the "real world!" Recently I heard someone mention that they had spent the "entire day job hunting," when in actuality they had spent the entire day web surfing..... it's not the same!

The web really is an amazing place full of awesome stuff but it will never fully take the place of building rapport with people in real life. Yesterday, I spent the day out networking with local businesses. I did initially send emails and set up appointments, but after the initial contact, I got off the couch, got dressed, left the house, and met the real people.

Because I went out instead of working online, I got a full tour of my local public theater, recruited new members for my toastmasters group, booked myself another speaking engagement at my local book store, got a potential new client, and even made a new friend! All of this occurred because I chose to go and speak to people in person as opposed to going back and forth through email.

Don't allow technology to rob you of interactions. Almost every job I ever had before I was self employed was because I had the confidence to go out and make connections with people. Those connections turned into opportunities that were built on the relationships I created with people in my community. Emails get lost, overlooked, and ignored. So instead of having a virtual conversation, pick up the phone, make appointments to meet people, walk around your local community, get to know store owners or community leaders, and put yourself out there! Especially if you are looking for a job, or if you are self employed and looking for new clients.

Your business will only be as successful as you are willing to put yourself out there. Nothing takes the place of the relationships you create. If you have children, teach them these qualities too! I see too many kids today that do not know how to make a phone call, how to introduce themselves, and how to self advocate. These skills are far more important than academics! They could be the smartest person in the room but if they can't clearly convey who they are, or what they can do, they will be lost.

So today, consider getting out from behind the screen and make some real connections. Don't let the internet be your crutch! In today's world with people so addicted to the computer, the person who goes out of their way to connect in person stands out as someone with real initiative! Let that person be you and Live Inspired Now!

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