Friday, December 30, 2011

Celebrate Accomplishments List!

With New Year's Eve only a day away... I think it is time to make a list of things to celebrate! Everyone makes a resolution list but people don't take the time to think about accomplishments from the year and celebrate them! What big and little things have you done this year that are worthy of reflection and celebration? Today, make your list, rejoice in all that you have accomplished and Live Inspired Now!

Some of my personal list:

*Married my best friend (This is my favorite thing for the whole year!!!)
*Closed a business and re-branded
*Took trips to Texas, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington DC and several day trips within NY
*Went to a play
*Celebrated my 40th birthday!
*Left a job that was not fulfilling
*Helped MANY kids in need
*Made new friends
*Had many many magic moments with my 6 children
*Too many more things to mention here, but you get the idea! Now go make YOUR list!!! :)

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