Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teach them to learn....

One of the best things I ever learned as a parent was to teach my kids to "teach themselves!" My son Harry is a self taught artist and his work is currently on display for the month of June at our local Starbucks store here in Ithaca, NY (as pictured above.) As a proud mom I have been reflecting on how he got to be so talented, how all of my kids developed such skills and abilities. As it happens... I am a GOOD MOM! I have always told my kids that if they are truly passionate about learning something then they will find the way. With books, YouTube, google and countless other resources online, anyone can learn anything! I have always told them, if you are truly passionate and teach yourself to do something, THEN I will get you lessons or further instruction, but first prove to me that you are willing to put in the work. This process has been very successful for us. My son Harry taught himself to be an artist, my daughter Carrie was a budding Geologist for a while and can tell you about almost every kind of rock and my daughter Madison took up photography and guitar. Allowing kids to teach themselves is a valuable skill and will help them to Live Inspired Lives!

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